New diagnosis, interstitial lung disease

79-year-old man for consideration of open vs endovascular AAA repair. 


  • 5.1cm infra-renal AAA
  • OA knee – awaiting TKR
  • Previously discussed at PIG meeting


  • Desaturated significantly during CPET test: 96-84%. Asymptomatic
  • Limited by knee pain, no dyspnoea. 
  • Spirometry – restrictive ventilatory defect. FEV1=2.28 (75%), FVC= 2.72 (67%)
  • CXR – bilateral pulmonary infiltrates
  • CT chest showed fibrosing interstitial lung disease – new diagnosis


Suitability for open procedure?

  • Awaiting respiratory review but consensus that this patient is optimised
  • Endovascular approach would be preferable
  • Open AAA repair reasonable in with effective regional analgesia and postoperative care

Post-operative Disposition

  • ICU 2 for open procedure


  • As above, await respiratory consult and surgical plan.