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Welcome to PeriopTalk

This website is established on a philosophy of assisting Peer to Peer sharing of resources, covering all aspects of Perioperative Care. It may be useful for personal learning and to assist clinical decision making. It seeks to promote quality care, defined as patient-centred and having seven dimensions: being safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient, accessible and appropriate. Currently, the website focuses on the pre-procedural phase of patient care. By optimising pre-procedural preparation, quality is maximised

Some material is directly taken from internal guidelines developed by particular hospitals or health services. Other material may have been sourced without consultation, and the ongoing validity of the material cannot be assured. Some material is sourced from authoritative bodies or specialist societies. Reference to the original source should be made to ensure current status.

This is not an “official” site. Any application of the material contained on this site for clinical decision making is entirely at the discretion of the person making the decisions. No responsibility for any decisions made by people referencing this site will be accepted.

This site is under ongoing review and optimisation. Contributions, advice and comments would be welcome.



What’s New  –  Recent Additions

March 2021 – The PIG meeting notes are now regularly uploaded, with new editions of the notes now searchable using the side bar.