Recent Additions

What’s NEW in September 2021

  • NEW: Fact sheet for Cannabinoid prescribing during hospital admissions

What’s NEW in August 2021

  • NEW: Guideline for Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy, Birth and Post-Natal Periods – see P17 for elective CS
  • NEW: Guideline for Spirometry in the Preoperative Clinic

What’s NEW in July 2021

  • NEW: Guideline for preoperative pathology testing
  • NEW: Guideline for Consultations in the clinic

What’s NEW in May 2021

  • NEW: Guideline for approach to the clinic patient
  • NEW: Guideline for pre-operative review of nursing home and group home residents
  • NEW: Nursing guideline for AICDs in preoperative clinic

What’s NEW in April 2021

  • NEW: Preoperative guidelines for ECG and TTE added
  • UPDATED: CPET referral guidelines
  • NEW: Guidelines uploaded for DASI
  • NEW: Guidelines uploaded for frailty