Recent Additions

What’s NEW in October 2022

  • NEW: Glycaemic management in patients awaiting elective surgery

What’s NEW in September 2022

  • NEW: Timing of elective procedures in patients with a recent history of COVID-19 infection – draft
  • NEW: Perioperative care of patients with a history of stroke – draft
  • NEW: Perioperative antiplatelet management
  • NEW: Perioperative care of distance patients
  • NEW: Referrals for rapid respiratory review before elective surgery

What’s NEW in July 2022

  • NEW: Perioperative management of patients taking clozapine
  • NEW: Perioperative management of patients with Parkinson’s Disease
  • NEW: Referral for preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing

What’s NEW in November 2021

  • NEW: Draft perioperative guidelines for review and feedback

What’s NEW in September 2021

  • NEW: Fact sheet for Cannabinoid prescribing during hospital admissions

What’s NEW in August 2021

  • NEW: Guideline for Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy, Birth and Post-Natal Periods – see P17 for elective CS
  • NEW: Guideline for Spirometry in the Preoperative Clinic

What’s NEW in July 2021

  • NEW: Guideline for preoperative pathology testing
  • NEW: Guideline for Consultations in the clinic