Post operative cardiac monitoring

PIG Meeting: 18th March 2021

50s male presents for TURP. Abnormally ECG picked up in the community incidentally by GP prior to this surgery.


  • Fit and well
  • No family history of cardiac disease or sudden cardiac death


  • ECG demonstrated Brugada type pattern.
  • Patient reviewed by local cardiologist and referred for genetic studies to help quantify long term risk of sudden cardiac death. This will help inform decision regarding managing risk for self and testing for other family members.


  • Implications of Brugada syndrome for anaesthesia (see attached paper – summary below)
  • Discussed with patient’s cardiologist – OK to proceed. Recommends post op telemetry


  • Confirmed need for ECG monitoring post operatively with Cardiologist.
  • Planned for telemetry monitoring on F3 or G3. No indication for ICU monitoring post operatively