TURP and Aspirin allergy

PIG Meeting: 11th March 2021


  • On clopidogrel for history of TIA but had no formal diagnosis.
  • Urology team requested to cease clopidogrel and replace with aspirin for perioperative period.
  • Patient states he had previous urticaria and dyspnoea while on aspirin. Surgical team then suggested he commence aspirin and anti-histimine


  • Difficult to confirm diagnosis of TIA, no neurologist input
  • No other CVS risk factors and previously ceased clopidogrel for other procedures
  • Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD) and anaphylaxis to salicylates is not uncommon and should be taken seriously.


  • Consensus that it is prudent to cease clopidogrel and not commence aspirin in this case given the soft indication
  • Surgical commitment to ensuring the patient received adequate antiplatelet cover was noted and commended