Perioperative Organisations

Useful Web-sites that relate to Perioperative Patient Care



The Society for Perioperative Assessment & Quality Improvement. (US-based)


Perioperative Surgical Home Australia  (based in Melbourne)


The American Society of Anaesthesiologist’s Perioperative Surgical Home Initiative..


‘Perioperative Medicine – The pathway to better surgical care’ was launched in 2015, as a major initiative by the Royal College of Anaesthetists:-


The Pre-Op Association   A British group established in 2004 to support Preoperative practitioners



This is an independent website established in 2016 by a group of Australian critical care clinicians.  It focusses on patient safety solutions using a Human Factors approach, aiming to incorporate technology or process redesign principles to improve patient safety.   It contains a very useful collection of interesting resources on Human Resources & Patient Safety.  It also focusses on specific issues such as Central Line related air emboli (much more common than generally perceived!); The problem of indistinct Chlorhexidine; and the need for more widespread use of gas analysers.




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